Guitar Lessons

Looking to expand your skills on the guitar? Want some guidance to enhance your technique or prepare for an audition? With a Bachelor of Music degree and over 20 years of teaching experience, online guitar lessons have allowed me to work with students from across the globe.  Online guitar lessons allow musicians like you to study from the comfort of your home and are customized to your goals. With the advent of YouTube and guitar websites such as TrueFire and Lick Library, there is a huge amount of information available to us as guitar players and it’s easy to become overwhelmed sometimes! Having a teacher formulate a lesson plan and help decipher the information available online can be a great help.

While my current gig is in the Country genre, I also have experience playing and teaching Rock, Pop, Metal, Alternative, and Jazz. 

Topics that can be covered in lessons can include:

Tone and Equipment

After our lessons, I’ll email you a summary of what we discussed, PDF’s of any materials we worked on or mp3’s of backing tracks you may require.

Scheduling, Rates and Policies

Scheduling lessons is easy. Book a lesson through the form below or send me an email with any questions you may have.

30 Min Lesson: $45 USD
1 Hour Lesson: $60 USD

Lessons must be paid for by PayPal once scheduled.
Lessons can be rescheduled in advance. Missed lessons or lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice will not be rescheduled.